Kanye West's lengthy interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe was a great look at where Kanye's currently at in his life, and where he wants to go in the future. Although many fans found the interview interesting and informative, late night show host, Jimmy Kimmel, decided it was in need of a satire. That did not go over too well with 'Ye.

Jimmy Kimmel's skit poking fun at Kanye's interview was torn apart by Yeezy, who proceeded to go in on Kimmel via Twitter, and even dropped off some memes. Since this feud between the rapper and talk show host transpired, many people have come to the defense of Kanye. At the BET Hip-Hop Awards, Rick Ross was one of the many rappers who sided with 'Ye.

While talking with MTV News, Rozay said, "I really didn’t watch all the interview. I just saw some of the Jimmy Kimmel shit. Fuck Jimmy Kimmel. You know we riding with the culture. So, Jimmy Kimmel he ain’t welcome here no more. You understand it? People who cross that line they not welcome no more. But as far as Kanye, I just love his passion. And I feel anybody that love what they do you gotta respect someone that is that passionate about what they do because homie a hundred mill you can just sit back and really don’t give a fuck, but he actually cares about the culture. He puts that much passion into it."

2 Chainz was another rapper who defended Kanye (Tity Boi happened to receive a shout-out during the Zane Lowe interview). "You know, Kanye’s very passionate," the Hair Weave Killa said. "[For him] just letting his self go to the media like that I think he just has so much information that he wants to deliver. For me, I realize the special qualities I bring to the game although some people don’t. He’s one of the few people that do. I appreciate him greatly."