Last week, the rap community prayed for Rick Ross as he was rushed to the hospital for what was first reported as pneumonia. Eventually, it was revealed that the issues were more serious with Ross experiencing pulmonary and cardiovascular issues. It was reported that the rapper was put on a life support machine to assist in the functions of his lungs and heart while he was stabilized. Rozay kept relatively quiet about the panic, posting a few times on Instagram but never making mention of his hospitalization. The Miami legend has now put out a simple statement, letting his fans know that he is back home and that he is grateful for the fact.

Ross posted a photo of himself holding a bottle of Belaire Rosé, which the rapper has frequently endorsed. While the photo itself is tame like his others since the hospitalization, the caption ultimately interested crowds, writing, "Ain’t nothing like home 🙏🏼. I love y’all." The "Hustlin'" rapper had not previously spoken about the health scare, and it is nice to hear directly from the source that he is doing well and enjoying his time at home.

An ambulance was called to Ross' residence early on March 2 and he was released from the hospital after a four-day stay. We continue to wish Rozay all the best in his recovery so he can hopefully bless us with some new music this year.