Rick Ross is certainly someone who enjoys the luxuries in life. His mansion has 109 rooms and served as the palace in Coming II America. Previously owned by Evander Holyfield, Rick Ross has transformed his massive estate into what looks like a tourist attraction that only a selected few are invited to. The most impressive aspect of his home is his garage. The rapper has over 100 cars from the latest luxury sports cars to classic American muscle cars.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Apparently, Ross can't legally drive a single one of the whips that he stores at his home. Only after expanding his car collection has he began the process of getting his driver's license. "You own a hundred cars and you don't have a driver's license," said Rozay before divulging into some of the questions he answered in his application.

"But more importantly, I'm fillin' out everything for my driver's license and they ask me, 'Are you an organ donor?'" He continued. "I'm like damn. If something was to happen to me and they looked inside of me and saw how good my heart was. Don't let me die just to take my good heart."

Ross previously explained that the reason he owns 100 cars isn't just for the flex. Similar to how he's rented his mansion out for Hollywood production, he's been getting six-figure checks simply for renting his cars by the hour for photoshoots.

Peep Ross' explanation below.