Magic Johnson has been dominating the headlines since last night thanks to his decision to step down as the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. The decision seemingly came out of nowhere as no one knew the decision was coming until he held an impromptu press conference before the last game of the season. This morning, Magic thanked the Lakers organization on Twitter for allowing him to pursue the role for two years.

The decision left many confused although people who know Magic well are wishing him the best. One of those people is former Lakers player Rick Fox, who was asked by TMZ about the whole ordeal.

"I just feel for Magic," Fox explained. "I saw the emotion and I saw the love he has for this organization and the difficulty that decision was for him."

Reports indicated that Magic hadn't committed all of his energy to the Lakers and that it was starting to affect the franchise. The Lakers struggled this season and missed the playoffs, despite having LeBron James. Fox said Magic probably knew it wasn't working anymore and felt like he had to make the change.

"I think ya gotta be true to the core of what makes you who you are," Fox said. "If he was losing that fire and losing some of that fuel that makes him go and to be who he is then its a disservice to the Lakers for him to stay there and be in that space."

After yesterday's game, some Lakers players were seen partying at the Tao Restaurant in Los Angeles. Clearly the news didn't phase them all that much.