Justin Roiland has gained a considerable amount of fame over the last few years thanks to his incredibly popular animated TV show Rick And Morty. The show lives in infamy now and Roiland has been able to pursue other ventures thanks to the show's success. Roiland, who voices various characters on the show, is now using his voice acting talents in a new video game that is set to release on May 31st. The games is called Trover Saves The Universe and is actually meant to be a Virtual Reality experience. 

According to Hypebeast, Roiland voices multiple enemies as well as the main character Trover, who is a foul-mouthed creature that sounds exactly like Morty from his TV show. It is reported that Roiland recorded over 20 hours of dialogue for the game and he even ad-libbed it all, which is a pretty impressive feat.

The game will be released on May 31st for the PlayStation 4 and its VR equivalent, the PSVR. Those who want to play the game on PC will have to wait until June 4th to get the game.

If you're interested in purchasing the game, you can head over to troversavestheuniverse.com where pre-orders are going for 10% off.