Rick and Morty season four might be in danger, but fans of the series were treated to a new episode of the hit cartoon series yesterday (April 1). Sort of. During one of their infamous black screened, text filled, commercial bridging shorts, Adult Swim instructed viewers to check out their website. After hurriedly checking in with the site, fans were greeted with a new 10-minute parody episode of the show.

Directed by Michael Cusack, the parody finds Rick in a more abusive mood than normal, and the usual bullying of his grandson Morty is escalated to feverish heights. Cusack, an Australian animator, gave Rick and Morty accents from down under during their somewhat awkward new adventure. At one point, Rick points a gun at Morty, and sexually awkward conversations may make fans of the actual series feel a little uncomfortable. 

Whenever loyal fans of a series are treated to a dramatic change to their beloved characters, reactions are mixed. Many fans of Rick and Morty were disappointed that they weren't getting a season 4 premiere, which many speculated was going on before actually watching the episode. Others enjoyed the radical change, which somehow made the raunchy adult cartoon even more deranged. Check out the parody episode here, and then peep our favorite episodes of the series here.