For the last year or so, the NFL has been toying with the idea of expanding the NFL season to more games. The players haven't exactly been on board with this as they most likely wouldn't be paid for the two extra games, while the risk of injury would go up pretty significantly. In a new report from Mark Maske of The Washington Post, it was revealed that the NFL and NFLPA are currently working on a brand new CBA which could include a 17-game regular season and a shorter preseason. 

Per Maske:

"A 17-game season would be accompanied by a reduction in preseason games. It also could come with an expansion of the NFL playoff field from 12 to 14 teams, although people familiar with the situation previously have suggested that expanding the playoffs would not need to happen immediately because it does not require the union's approval."

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers star Richard Sherman is a vocal member of the NFLPA executive committee and shared his thoughts on the matter through social media.

We continue to have discussions but we are nowhere near an agreement," Sherman wrote. "There are points of contention on both sides that need to be addressed before more progress is made."

Would you be interested in seeing a longer season or is this simply too much for the players?