Richard Jefferson was a journeymen player in the NBA and even got to win a championship with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers all the way back in 2016. Now, Jefferson is an analyst for ESPN and he can be seen on various shows giving his opinions. Jefferson is a pretty strongminded guy and never holds back how he truly feels about a player or a team. His argumentative nature comes across well on TV and his insight is always welcomed.

Jefferson also has a humorous side to him which typically comes through on social media. Yesterday, Jefferson showed off his in-person wit after a fan asked him to say "hi" to his wife on camera. Instead, Jefferson said "I'll text her" in a moment of pure Chadism.

The fan didn't seem to mind the comment and even found it funny as he posted the clip to social media where it quickly got picked up by numerous outlets. Jefferson's quick response made the whole situation a lot funnier especially when you consider how everyone around him was completely oblivious to what was just said.

If you're the fan, you have to hope he's joking because if he's not, then that conversation at home is going to be awkward.