Richard Jefferson was a player LeBron James requested to have in a Cleveland Cavaliers' uniform. You might even say their 2 year stint as teammates produced a friendship that knows no bounds in the realm of pro ball. So when Richard Jefferson duped his Snapchat into believing he was ending his relationship with LeBron so that he could save himself the trouble of answering fan queries about where he saw the King landing in free agency.

The lengthy titangraph, although believable to some degree, registered as possibly the pettiest reason ever to end a meaningful friendship. That didn't stop Snapchat users from taking the bait and running with it. In hindsight, Jefferson's decision to leave the Cavalier's after the 2016-2017 season may have hurt their chances in 2018. Much like Iguodala's role on the Golden State Warriors, Jefferson was the glue that kept his teammates honest, on a play-by-play basis.

Evidently RJ was merely joking when he called it quits with LeBron, but the sentiment is real: People close to LeBron are growing tired of fielding questions about his future, or his whereabouts. Jefferson only mustered 20 games in 2017, and is likely headed for a career in sports media, but don't count him out, ever.