Rich The Kid is probably the proudest boyfriend behind Offset, we think. The "Plug Walk" rapper seemingly never gets tired of adding another appreciation post about his loving partner Tori Brixx to his feed and has made it clear (many times over) that he thinks his gyal is way finer than Rihanna. The couple welcomed their first child together back in April and already RTK is ready to get Tori pregnant again. "I’m so happy I must be living a dream thank you for having this beautiful baby thank for making me better thank you for being by my side always your everything I can ever imagine the most beautiful women I’ve ever met inside & out," RTK wrote after his son's birth.

The "Spalshin'" rapper recently posted an image of Tori sitting topless on a stool in a gorgeous bathroom with a caption that reads: "Baby momma might put another baby in her." 

Rich The Kid recently hooked up a fan at Lollapalooza after a young kid with a prosthetic leg was caught by security trying to hop the fence to the festival. RTK clearly saw the video evidence and gave the homie a weekend pass. 

Salute to the Kid.