Rappers love getting their bling on, especially when it comes in the form of diamonds. Unfortunately, Rich The Kid found out the hard way that not everything that glitters will get you praise from the ones that should be supporting your music. Or something like that. 

Rich The Kid $180K Earrings
Image: John Phillips/Getty Images

Stunting for the 'Gram as many rappers do time and time again, Rich thought he was doing something by dropping $90,000 per earring on a pair of very modest diamond stones. Once Akademiks re-posted the video on his IG, people had a field day based off the size and overall simplicity of the purchase. "Just brought the same pair from the hair store," wrote one user that received over 1,600 likes on his comment. The roast session only started from there, with messages like "RENT THE KID" from one jokester and "Claire’s got the same ones for 10.99" from another in reference to the mall jewelry shop for teens and tweens.

Somehow even his rap peers got thrown into the mix, including Jay Critch ("Jay Critch ain’t never gettin out that deal") and more frequently NBA YoungBoy ("youngboy would drop 2 mil on his ears"). Actually, the latter emcee got brought up more than once, although majority if not all of the comments definitely felt like they were all in good fun.

The funny thing about all this is, at the end of the day, Rich The Kid is getting roasted for dropping almost $200,000 on diamonds by people who wouldn't even drop a c-note on the same thing. In short, live by your name and keep shining, Rich!

Do you think Rich The Kid has a nice set of diamond earrings, or did he frivolously waste some stacks by dropping $180,000 on pretty pebbles? Have a little fun with us and sound off with your thoughts down below in the comments: