Rich the Kid recently hit up his Instagram followers with a "stay safe" message on how to run your business. He declared that he wanted out of his contract with 300 Entertainment, the label that supports his Rich Forever Music initiative. Without into proper details, Rich outlined his vision for the breakup. He would pay them the advance they had administered and call it even on those grounds. The Los Angeles-based rapper also took a moment to persuade independent artists to look elsewhere. 

For those who pay little attention to the logistics of hip hop, let me tell you: 300 Entertainment was founded by veterans of the industry, their intention to help groom Trap artists until they manifest their own destiny, Rich The Kid being one of them. More famously, Migos left 300 after an 18-month layoff where the band was disallowed from promoting their material on various channels. Shortly thereafter they blew up and become a bonafide pop culture phenomenon. 

Now we don't know the particulars of Rich the Kid's business arrangement with 300 Entertainment, but we do know Rich and Migos share the same consultancy (QC) like birds of a feather. Rich the Kid just signed a shoe deal, he's not here to bide his time.

Peep the tirade below: