Rich the Kid sent a distress call from the beaches of Costa Rica. Although he is temporarily unavailable, Rich promised to "save hip hop from its coming demise." Rich the Kid "state of emergency" was made was made all the more evident by the locale he chose to transmit his message: a Pura Vida landscape where locals see no evil, speak no evil and fear nothing of that sort. And yet, Rich the Kid's cries for help coincide with a foreboding message, his next album is on the way.

It's pretty evident that Rich the Kid is circling back to conflict with 300 Entertainment, Lyor Cohen-run label he is contractually obligated to. A week from today, Rich neglected to call Cohen on his direct line, deciding instead to air his grievances social media. Rich even offered to reimburse Cohen the advance he was offered upon signing his 300 contract.

Cohen touched on the "conflict," during his Breakfast Club appearance this past week, warning Rich, "We don't play that," or conduct business in that manner, whilst also admitting "contracts are inherently signed to be restructured past a proven point." It's safe to assume Lyor Cohen doesn't believe Rich has earned a contract re-negotiation. The QC rapper is none-the-less poised to deliver the album he says he's wrapping up while on vacation.