This year has been a mix of good and bad for Rich The Kid. His album The World Is Yours was commercially well-received and his singles “New Freezer” and especially “Plug Walk” are certified bops. “Plug Walk” even somehow made its way into The First Purge movie. With Rich striving musically, people noticed his shine was a little brighter than before and they decided to take advantage of him, robbing him last month and leaving him in the hospital. It was initially speculated by Rich’s estranged wife that his current girlfriend, Tori Brixx, had set up the home invasion. After RTK defended Tori, it seemed as though all was pleasant in their household. That was until a fresh tweet from the rapper had fans wondering if Rich actually does believe that he was set up.

Yesterday, Rich sent out two cryptic tweets. The first of which has been deleted but The Blast reports that it read, “A hoe go be a hoe.” The second tweet was kept on his page, reading, “Never put your trust in a b-tch cause any minute they might switch,” and many are assuming he could be referring to his girlfriend. In his defense, it may have just been a random thought going through his mind about a past relationship. According to the same publication, Rich later responded to a tweet about Brixx by saying that she’s unlike other women that he may have been referring to, writing, “No Tori is a different breed.” That post has since been deleted, leading some to speculate even further about the robbery.

Regardless of how it happened, the important thing to note is that Rich and Tori both appear to be recovering quickly. Brixx shared a photo of her bruises going down and Rich has since removed the wrap protecting his arm.