Rich The Kid is an artist who prides himself on the fact that he has been able to defy the odds and become his own boss. With his Rich Forever imprint, the rapper now owns his masters while also allowing other artists to have a platform. As a result, Rich has enjoyed his success in the form of a lot of money and status, which are two things he raps about frequently.

While all of these things sound great on paper, they don't come without their issues. During a rant on his Instagram story over the weekend, Rich spoke about some of the haters in his comments section and how he is sick and tired of them trolling him. As he notes, he never asked them to listen to his music, and that they need to go away.

"N***** in my comments be like 'I don't like this verse or I don't like that verse,'" Rich explained. "I didn't ask you to listen to the fucking song if you don't like me, dude. I really went from sleeping on the floor now I own my masters and take care of myself and my family and my friends. So suck my dick."

While these are certainly strong words, you can't help but empathize with Rich, as it's clear he prides himself on his work. Simply put, he just wants to be left alone.

Rich The Kid

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images