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Rich The Kid Says His Girl Tori Brixx Is Hotter Than Rihanna & Kim Kardashian

  Sep 11, 2018 15:40
Let Rich The Kid live.

Rich The Kid and his main gyal Tori Brixx hit up New York Fashion Week looking something like a power couple. Rich only boasts 14 photos on Instagram and his latest upload shows he and Tori sitting side by side at the annual event. His original caption of the photo garnered a lot of comments since it read: "She badder than Rihanna and Kim K but im no Kanye." After a short while, Rich edited the post and simply left an eye emoji and a heart emoji. 

This isn't the first time Rich has compared Tori to Rihanna, back in July he tweeted back at a user correcting them for thinking Riri was any kind of better looking than his girlfriend. 

It's safe to say the couple has been through some rough times, like the brutal home invasion that left Tori battered and bruised. Despite rumours of Tori setting up the burglary, Rich stayed by her side and deflated the lies and to this day they are still going strong. 

Watch the video in the original article page.

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top comment
- Sep 11, 2018


He is right.

- Sep 13, 2018

She in bad indeed... But imagine if Ri Ri did all the plastic shit. It's something genuine about Ri Ri... Like she ain't have to be coached to be a freak... You can tell she just be doing her

- Sep 12, 2018

He 1000% right

- Sep 12, 2018

nope rihanna > tori > kim but anyway they all trash J LO > everyone

- Sep 12, 2018

Its facts...he ain't lying

Danny Phantom
- Sep 12, 2018

Riri all natural, so I’ll take her over Tori. All these IG model hoes look the same.

Demonic Lawrence
- Sep 12, 2018

Eh... What about that huge scar on her face from when y'all got pistol whipped?

- Sep 11, 2018

But does she have talent? Or even Kim's business skills? Can she pay her own way?

- Sep 11, 2018

She's a dimee

- Sep 11, 2018

She's not hotter than Kim. Sorry boy

Nathaniel Hall
- Sep 11, 2018

rihanna...maybe, kim k...hell no

mz aquasparkle
- Sep 12, 2018

Maybe Kim yes but riri nooo. Take away all the plastic surgery and the makeup contour and things look wayyyy different

Ya Digggg
- Sep 11, 2018

He aint lying, tori can get piped up any day of the week

- Sep 11, 2018

i was going to comment that being hotter than giant forehead lady and plastic hoe wasn't hard anyway. but in fact, she aint even hotter than them, she's just disgusting

AJ Styles
- Sep 11, 2018

whyd you run from Uzi bitch the kid

cant forget RTK run from UZI VERT , hahahaha

Lakesha Evans
- Sep 11, 2018

Rihanna running a business you think she worried about someone looking better than her he dumb

Marcy Son
- Sep 11, 2018

He said once and y'all made an article about it. Either way i'd choose Tori over Riri and Kim too

- Sep 11, 2018

Yea, your girl bad. The Y is silent...

- Sep 11, 2018

Lmfaoooo. A whole fact 😂😂🤣🤣

Nicki >>>Tori tho

Get your Nicki dickriding ass off every article before I come see your pussy ass

- Sep 11, 2018

True, so true.

- Sep 11, 2018


Triple OG
- Sep 11, 2018

Anybody can get a bad bitch with money lmao!!! Proof is Flavor Flav, Lil Wayne etc... Pull em at the bus stop, pull em in a homeless shelter, pull a hottie walking out of prison. I did all 3. Even married my drug counselor 💯None of this shit ghetto fuckers be doing is impressive. Let me hear stories when y'all were bummy before the money.

Remember no limit?
- Sep 11, 2018

Might be the realest shit i ever saw you type...much better when you aren't trolling

Colin Kaepernick
- Sep 12, 2018

@Fake OG Sure, we believe you, i mean we dont.

You married your drug counselor you should sue the city you were emotionally disadvantaged and was taking advantage of by a professional of the county who was supposed to help you

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