Rich The Kid is a pretty rich guy. He doesn't necessarily need to remind us about his wealth anymore since it's literally in his name but, as one of the biggest flexers in the game, he tends to always outdo himself. Nobody was challenging how big his bank account is but, as the major businessman he is, he's always looking towards the future and plotting on how he can grow his money. When Adidas approached the rapper to sign an endorsement deal with them, RTK made sure the bag was right first and then he made his decision. And a big decision it was as he says he's signed a $10 million deal with the corporation.

Whether he's trolling us all or not (after all, this is the same man that may have signed Lil Tay to a deal with Rich Forever,) this is definitely a good look if true. I mean, obviously, $10 mil is a good look but Rich has been going through his fair share of personal struggles in the last few months from his impending divorce, to the home invasion and multiple cheating allegations. This could be exactly what Rich needs to get him over the hump and if it doesn't give him a mental boost, then he can at least cop a lot of Gucci with the new money.

If he's being truthful, do you think an RTK signature sneaker could be on the horizon?