Looking to move on from last week’s home invasion & robbery that left him in the hospital, Rich The Kid is quickly getting back to work. Not only has he got his ice game back up with a recent purchase of $78K worth of jewelry, but the ATL rapper is already working on his next album, the follow up to The World Is Yours.

On Tuesday, Rich The Kid shared footage of him listening to some never before heard music while riding in his Rolls Royce. With his right hand still wrapped from his injuries, Rich lips syncs along to his lyrics over the speakers, and leaves the caption “back in album mode,” alluding to that this will be on his next album. He didn’t reveal anything else about the song or project, but he did give fans a nice preview of whats’ to come.

This report comes just a few days after Rich was being looked into by police for battery after he allegedly attacked a photographer outside a LA steakhouse last week. This reportedly went down just a couple days before the home invasion occurred, making it one helluva week for the ATL rapper, but nothing has been reported ever since. Thankfully things are trending upwards again.

Check out the IG story (below) and let us know what you think of it.