Rich the Kid sure knows how to get people talking. As his album's release date nears, Rich made sure that part of Southern California's population knew his name by way of an impromptu performance. Yesterday, RTK crashed a USC classroom while the professor stood to the side, delivering a live rendition of his hit "Plug Walk." The entire event was filmed and apparently, Rich had gotten the idea out of the blue. TMZ caught up with the rapper today to ask him exactly what was going through his mind when he decided to go back to school and treat several students to an unexpected concert.

When asked if the performance was planned beforehand, Rich told the photographer, "That was not staged, it was real." As he is not currently a registered student at USC, RTK noted that he got out too swiftly for security to take notice. The "New Freezer" emcee told the media outlet that the stunt was not pulled for any upcoming videos, it was really just for kicks. While it definitely looked like Rich had fun, throwing papers in the air and walking all over the professor's desk, much of the class seemed embarrassed to be in the room.

Before walking into the airport, the rapper conveniently pulled out a physical copy of The World Is Yours, which officially drops tomorrow, plugging the upcoming release. If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out here and watch Rich explain why he crashed the classroom below.