The month of June has not been the greatest for Rich The Kid. Musically, he is still striving after the release of The World Is Yours but it appears as though much of his personal life is crumbling. Hospitalized after a home invasion, a photo of Rich laying unconscious in a hospital bed was uploaded to his Instagram, worrying his biggest fans. The rapper's feud with Lil Uzi Vert came to a head when the aforementioned ran up on RTK and Rich has been going back-and-forth with his estranged wife over their divorce proceedings. All in all, a pretty bad month. However, there is no time like the present to hit the reset button.

It was reported that the robbers had taken off with cash and jewelry after breaking into Tori Brixx's home with Rich The Kid. Although the specifics of what was stolen remains unclear, Rich is getting a headstart on reclaiming his jewelry collection. The man likely has a lot more ice stashed away in a safe but for everyday use, Rich called out some jewelers to make a house call, bringing approximately $2 million worth of bracelets, watches, and chains for the star. The Rich Forever frontman dropped about $78K on a new Cuban link necklace according to TMZ, seen in the video below.

Rich The Kid is noticeably still rocking a cast over his arm, protecting the injuries he sustained in the home invasion. Hopefully, he's recovering well. At least he has some new ice now if ever he needs to relieve some pain.