If you've noticed, the Trump campaign's received some major co-signs from a few prominent stars in the rap world. It started with Kanye West, who's still running for president, but ever since 50 Cent's endorsement in October, Lil Wayne, Lil Pump, Gunplay, and Kodak Black have expressed their support for Donald Trump.

Something evidently smelled quite fishy about the whole thing. At least, when Lil Wayne awkwardly stood next to Trump for a photo-op in the White House last week. However, it looks like Trump was up to something, after all. Rich The Kid took to Instagram earlier today revealing that he was nearly flewed out by Trump's team. "Jus got a call Trump tryna send me a jet to Michigan. FOH I ain't no sell out," he wrote.

Many began to question whether this was true. It's astounding that Trump not only knew who Lil Wayne was but managed to get him into the White House. Rich The Kid offered receipts to reveal that there is no cap in his raps. He shared a photo of a text message exchange with someone who said they were going to be flying out with Lil Pump and had a hotel. Rich The Kid was also offered an opportunity to hang out with billionaires.

Will there be any last-minute endorsements? We'll see but it's looking like Trump and his team are doing whatever possible to win the re-election.