It's unclear why Rich The Kid decided to go down to one of the richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles and toss around cash, but it reportedly ended up getting him in trouble with the law. At the top of Friday (April 23) morning, the newly-signed Rostrum Records artist released his new single "Richard Mille Patek," and with the song came a visual where the rapper flexed cash and cars. It looks as if he wanted to prove that the luxury life wasn't just for show, because according to reports—and videos of the incident—Rich took a trip down to Rodeo Drive to cause a bit of havoc.

The rapper reportedly made it rain on Rodeo, an L.A. street that plays backyard to Beverly Hills and Bel Air elite. People from around the world descend on the location to do some high-end, luxury designer shopping, but it turned into mayhem yesterday when cash flew in the air.

Rich The Kid, Cash, Rodeo Drive, Littering
JP Yim / Stringer / Getty Images

According to TMZ, Rich pulled up in a Rolls-Royce Phantom and parked outside of the Louis Vuitton and Burberry locations before rolling down the window and throwing out cash to strangers. It wasn't an Usher bucks stunt, either. Someone attempted to ask the rapper how much cash he was giving away, but there wasn't a direct answer.

Police were quick on Rich The Kid's heels and although the rapper's driver tried their best at fleeing the scene, TMZ states that Rich was ticketed for littering. The outlet reports that Rich will have to pay somewhere between $250 and $1,000 for the display. Watch the event below.