Rich The Kid can be an elusive fellow. Despite achieving mainstream ubiquity in the year's opening half, the latter half found him taking a moment to recharge his batteries. Lest we forget, his debut album The World Is Yours dropped back in March, and an album-per-year rate is certainly a respectable work ethic. But these days, it feels like artists have to work overtime to maintain fan interest. In reality, Denzel Curry said it best, during his Breakfast Club interview: drop good shit, and the fans will return no matter the wait. I'm paraphrasing, but the gist remains accurate.

Hopefully, Rich The Kid has been spending his time wisely, honing in on his craft; The World Is Yours was a solid effort, and fans are likely curious to see where The Kid plans on going from here. It's entirely possible he doubles down on his favorite topics, from bussdowns to "your bitch." We won't have to wait much longer to find out. Rich has officially promised new music dropping on Thursday, though it's unclear on whether this is a loosie or an album cut. 

Let us wait and see.