The World is Your 2 is upon us, and it's safe to say that the album is fire. So, how do you think Rich The Kid is feeling? "I'm feeling like the hottest rapper in the f**king world," he said. Just hours before TWIY2 dropped, Rich chopped it up with Billboard for an exclusive one-on-one interview where he spoke in detail about his latest project. According to The Kid, this is the album of the year because he has hit after hit, not just a basic release with a few singles or "regular songs."

"I record so much work, so when it's time to do an album it's like, I just pick the songs," he said. "I got so much, so I'm coming back after this quick." When asked how quick "quick" actually is, the rapper was coy about it and just repeated his same answer. "I like bringing the best out of the track," Rich said. "When I do a track, I pick the beat. I got a very unique beat selection. So, after I make the song, I try to hear who I would hear on the song for the fans, not only for myself. So that's how it goes [when it comes to] collaborating."

"Me and Miguel did the record. It was dope," the rapper said about linking up with R&B hitters Miguel and Ty Dolla $ign on "Woah." "I did one verse to it and then I changed it when I got to New York. Then I sent it to Ty Dolla [and] he sent it back to me the same day in like, two hours. You already know it's [a] smash." Rich also said that he and Tory Lanez, who he collaborated with on "Tic Toc," have quite a few records in the vault, so there's always the possibility that they could work on a joint project. However, they aren't committed to anything just yet and are just going with the flow.

Check out what else Rich The Kid had to say on the eve of his album release including what it's like running his own record label, his past job working as a cashier at Wendy's, and what it's been like anticipating the birth of his son below: