Rich The Kid's living his best life and seems to be as care free as anyone else would be if they just dropped their debut album. The rapper's long awaited debut album The World Is Yours arrived a week a go, and for the most part people seem to be feeling what he had to offer. However, right before that, he was involved with some drama with his wife. She put RTK on blast for trying to hook up with several women who are particularly famous in the industry including Blac Chyna, Miracle Watts and India Love. While his wife reportedly filed for a divorce afterwards, it seems as if RTK took it as a sign to continue to pursue these same women.

Rich The Kid is still trying to shoot his shot with India Love, despite the fact that she apparently blocked him on Instagram. India Love's assistant posted a screenshot of a conversations he had with RTK where he messaged her, "Brooooo tell India unblock me." India and her assistant clearly want nothing to do with him as she replied, "Not going to happen , You got US fucked up." To which he simply asked, "How?"

She posted the screenshot with the caption, "@ttladyluscious please come get your husband out of my dms... Thank you." 

Funny enough, when the initial screenshots surfaced, India Love told him not to lie about anything to her and everything will be copacetic. Of course, he did lie about being married so it doesn't surprise anyone that he got himself blocked.