Over the weekend, Lil Uzi Vert came looking for Rich The Kid, flying solo with no jewelry, bloodlust in his eyes. He ended up cornering Rich, who took shelter behind a barricade, looking entirely smoke free. Though he can shimmy with a ballerina's grace, perhaps something in Lil Uzi's gaze suggested murderous rage. As a result, Rich ultimately decided to run like hell, taking shelter in a nearby Starbucks.

Uzi proceeded to follow him inside, where a fight broke out. Little did Rich know, he picked the wrong establishment to claim sanctuary; Starbucks had recently taken their mandatory racial bias training, and you can bet the majority of employees were way too shook to call for police intervention. Like refs in the playoffs, they simply opted to let them play.

While Rich managed to emerge from the encounter with ice in tact, it would appear that Charlamagne The God had other plans. Tha God decided that Rich's conduct during the encounter was enough to land him the infamous "Donkey Of The Day" title, and broke it down for the masses. "Somebody swung at Rich, and it looked like it connected," says Charla. "He immediately jumped behind the counter to make a triple Mocha frappuccino."

Charlamagne proceeds to criticize Rich's post-fight video, in which he basically stunts like he's untouchable. "He pulled up and snuffed you!" says Charla. "Maybe kid homie suffers from short term memory loss." However, it's not all bad for Rich. "L's build character!" says Tha God, channeling the dad from Calvin & Hobbes. For more of Charlamagne's thoughts on the topic, peep the video below.