Now that Rich The Kid is out of the hospital after the terrifying home invasion that took place last week, Rich is finally speaking up about the allegations his estranged wife, Lady Luscious of the Twerk Team, has made against his girlfriend Tori Brixx. While some of what Luscious has said about her husband, like the cheating claims earlier this year, have come with believable receipts, her words against Tori Brixx seemingly caught a lot of people off guard when they were made. Tori Brixx has already defended herself by saying she had nothing to do with setting up the home invasion on Rich The Kid but now, it's Rich's turn to stick up for his new girl.

Many believed that Tori had organized the incident, setting up Rich to be robbed of his cash and jewelry but, according to her, she was just as much a victim as him. Finding creative ways to roll his Backwoods with one available arm on Instagram Live recently, RTK was released from the hospital and did not have much to say. The rapper echoed his girlfriend's sentiments, telling anybody tuned in to his live stream, "Tori Brixx did not set me up." Some of his fans think Rich is capping and that he was, indeed, set up by Brixx but with both parties claiming she should not be held responsible, it looks like there's not much investigating to do on that end.

With Chris Brown's HBOAFM Tour starting tomorrow night, Rich's status as an opener on the tour is still up in the air. However, if he can successfully roll a blunt with one hand, he can probably hold a mic comfortably and should be good to go.