Out of everybody in the game, Rich The Kid goes pretty hard on his fashion game. He can be spotted Gucci'd up from head to toe on a regular basis with plenty of ice around his neck to keep him cool. However, sometimes, flexing can become somewhat of a hassle. There are times where you just want to walk out with some sweatpants on and an old hoodie to take a break from Balenciaga and Saint Laurent. Rich The Kid is starting to feel the effects of his overzealousness when it comes to his flexing habits, shedding a tear while reflecting on his life on an airplane.

Rare gems can often be found in a rapper's Instagram story. Especially a star like RTK who enjoys sharing the minute details of his life. Rich posted up on a plane as he headed to London and, during his journey, the rapper cried that he is fed up of stunting on people. The "Plug Walk" artist noted, "I'm so tired. Tired of flexing on these n---as all the time." Right as you begin to think he's being serious about his nonsensical first-world problems, he lets out a laugh at the end of the clip, prompting sighs of relief as we realize he was simply trolling.

Rich has shown to have quite the sense of humor, often taking to his socials to clown his rival Lil Uzi Vert during their never-ending beef. Check out the video below.