Rapper Rich The Kid was making his way to Stockton, California for a show, but ran into a bit of trouble during his flight. According to reports, the rapper, real name Dimitri Roger, caught an attitude with the crew while on his Delta flight out of Los Angeles. He allegedly had been sipping on cocktails, but as the plane was preparing to descend, flight attendants refused to serve him any more drinks. 

TMZ states that this was unsatisfactory for Roger, even though it's the company's policy. The publication states Roger kept pressing the call button near his seat to speak with attendants, so much so that they asked him to stop. He wouldn't, so they became frustrated with his behavior. This ultimately led to the crew alerting the terminal that they were dealing with an unruly passenger.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

When the plane landed and guests de-boarded, Roger was greeted by police officers. According to TMZ, the rapper asked to speak with a Delta supervisor because he wanted to know why he wasn't served alcoholic beverages when he asked for them. They also say he wanted to know how to file an official complaint. The cops reportedly mediated between the father of three and the airline, and Roger went on his way without further incident.