Rich the Kid has proven he's a pretty stand-up kind of guy. He lent out a helping hand to his friend, fellow rapper Famous Dex, late last year and encouraged him to seek treatment for addiction. He even shared a phone call to fans from the rapper while he was inside the rehabilitation center, alerting his supporters he was okay. The "Too Blessed" artist has just proved his outstanding character once again, purchasing his dad some humble new wheels. 

Lars Niki/Getty Images for 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

"Bought a new car for my dad, he coulda had anything on the lot," the 28-year-old Georgia native penned in the caption of the Instagram video shared yesterday (March 6), adding a shoulder-shrugging emoji. The attached video shows Rich the Kid walking towards his dad sitting in his brand new Jeep, smiling widely and giving the rapper a thumbs up as he asked if he liked his new wheels.

Seemingly knowing people would question why he chose to forgo purchasing his father a less flashy car than the black Jeep, he notes in the caption his father wanted that car. That didn't stop folks in the comments to question why he would purchase his girlfriend a Lamborghini but give his father a "basic model jeep."

Nonetheless, Rich the Kid's father seems pretty satisfied with the new whip, which is all that matters anyway. What do you think of his father's new whip? Let us know in the comments!