Rich the Kid's devastating takeover of London has taken a turn; now includes a sit-down with ginger idol Ed Sheeran.

The English pop singer who recently broke the fourth wall, is now seen sliding with rappers. Acoustic renditions of hip hop faves were a big part of his rise to fame. Rich the Kid did not pass up his chance to share this snapshot with his followers who jokingly mistook the pop idol for an assorted mix of Caucasian celebrity walk-ons.

Day one of the trip included a plug walk through Heathrow's moving walkways. His IG accounts for visits to the Gucci Store, and stopping in the middle of the street to look at sights and plug walk over new ground all the same. In a different locale, they still want to go copy his drip.

Rich the Kid has seen his stock rise since entering the pantheon of the Billboard 100. He is due back in the States for a score of tour dates in March.

"Rich Forever getting paid, money machine might break"