One of the most absurd moments from last week was Rich The Kid's cryptic post from the hospital. A few days ago, Rich's Instagram account had a strange addition to it, showing the rapper laying unconscious in a hospital bed. With no caption, fans were left to worry about RTK's wellbeing, pondering what may have happened. News of a home invasion finally became clear later in the day and his estranged wife even went as far as to blame the robbery on Tori Brixx, Rich's girlfriend. While both Tori and Rich have denied her involvement in the rumored set-up, she appears to have been just as badly harmed by the events.

The 911 call has just been released from the home invasion by TMZ with a female caller picking up the phone. Speaking frantically throughout her conversation with the dispatcher, she is inaudible at times. The phone call was made after the home invaders had left the apartment. The woman is screaming in panic, informing the man on the line, "I'm inside my apartment! They got in my apartment!" By the time the call was made, responders were already on the way. The woman says that three people were in the space at the time of the attack.

Rich has since spoken out about those accusing his girlfriend of being in on the incident, defending her at all costs. Listen to the call here.