When you're as wealthy as Rich The Kid, few things can steal your shine. Although money does not necessarily buy happiness, it can absolutely help to bring you materialistic objects that will brighten your day. There's no denying that wearing a fresh Gucci fit will give you a much-needed confidence boost when you're stunting on your haters. As one of the biggest flexers in the game, Rich The Kid was recently the victim of a home invasion with his girlfriend Tori Brixx. Tori is still recovering from the incident, proudly showing off her facial bruises and Rich's condition is improving as well as he's removed the wrap protecting his arm. 

Posting a photo of himself and Brixx at the nightclub, Rich continued to flex on everybody, even after what was likely an expensive hospital bill. RTK captioned the post with what was going on in both of their minds, writing, "Tori: babe you see them haten over there ? Me: yea they be haten but they broke 🤣💰." At this point, Rich isn't paying any attention to his haters, taking things day by day and focusing on positivity. His connection to Tori Brixx has been in jeopardy since she was speculated to have planned the robbery that landed him in the hospital but after Rich defended her, they seem to still be going strong.

At the end of the day, when you have money like Rich, the haters are all likely just jealous.