Rich The Kid & Quavo Hit The Gym In "That's Tuff" Video

Noah C
January 14, 2020 10:06

Rich and Quavo tuffen up.

Rich The Kid has experienced a lot of big changes in his life recently. He split with Interscope Records to sign a deal with Republic. He got engaged to his beloved girlfriend, Tori Brixx. It now seems he's riding all this rejuvenating energy into a new album cycle. In December, he released his "That's Tuff" single with Quavo. If features a joyful woodwind-driven beat, and a simple chorus that latches onto your brain and forces you to sway your head. 

In the video for "That's Tuff", Rich The Kid and Quavo thematically hit the gym. At first, they must suffer the humiliation of being surrounded by bodybuilders when they're just two semi-scrawny rappers. Magically, they manage to buff themselves up in a short period of time. Many of the bars consist of Rich and Quavo delineating things that are quote unquote "tuff". For example, Rich points out how "tuff" it is that his "bitch badder than Rihanna", a view that he has publicly expressed before. Quavo, on the other hand, spits, "It's Huncho and Rich / Not Lilo & Stitch, we came to hit licks." He doesn't emphasize the "tuff"-ness of this bar, but it speaks for itself. 

There's no word on when Rich The Kid's next project is expected to drop, but you can keep spinning his latest tape, Rich Forever 4, and "That's Tuff". 

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