According to TMZ, Rich the Kid and Tori Brixx, the woman many accused of setting him up, are moving out of downtown LA. The decision comes after careful consideration of their safety, after a brutal home invasion which left both parties in stitches and several stacks poorer. Apparently Rich and Tori were having trouble sleeping due to trauma suffered during the experience. Law enforcement's inability to catch the culprits is also playing a big part in their discomfort.

They have thus decided to move to what they consider a safer environment in the San Fernando Valley. Reports say Rich The Kid is currently looking at mansions in the area. Rich had been crashing at Tori's downtown apartment when the assault and robbery occurred, leading many to believe she was at fault for the attack, an accusation she has adamantly rebuked.

According to the police report, attackers gained entry through a fire escape, enabling them to avoid security posted at the front desk. Judging by the fact sheet, and Rich the Kid's stated confidence, critics were harsh to judge his girlfriend an opportunist. Rich the Kid is a long way from Georgia, and that says everything about the turn he's taken with his career. Rich Forever, that's my word.