Mere days after putting out the proverbial bat signal out for Rich Homie Quan, the Atlanta rapper resurfaced with a slew of new music, including Rich As In Spirit single "Understood." Now, with his debut album set to drop tomorrow, Rich Homie Quan caught up with Rap Up for a brief, yet insightful conversation. One of the most interesting moments arises when he explains how the album title came to fruition. "So I end up going to jail," says Quan. "I had a roommate by the name of Chicken. He was like 'I see your name Rich Homie, what it stand for?' I was like, it ain't really have no meaning. But the first thing he said was 'rich as in spirit'."

"It's been like ten years ago since he said that, and I've still been saying it to this day," says Rich. "It stuck with me, and I just had to name my first album that." He also proceeds to speak on Lil Wayne, praising the Cash Money legend's influence on hip-hop culture. "Who didn't want to be Wayne at some point? I was growing braids trying to look exactly like Wayne!" While Wayne's image remained impactful, Quan eventually realized the scope of his talent. "He already had me going from the look, then when I was old enough to understand what he could felt like it was relatable to the story I was going through."

Check out the full interview below, and be sure to support Rich As In Spirit when it drops tomorrow, March 16th.