Rich Homie Quan generally seems like a pretty reasonable dude, but some inappropriate fan behavior definitely had him feeling some type of way at his show in Wisconsin last night. While performing a song, Quan put his hand out to the crowd, giving some love to the fans. One spectator in particular took the gesture a little too far however, as he attempted to grab Quan's hand and pull himself on stage, almost pulling the rapper into the crowd in the process.

After stopping the song and publicly shaming the fan, Quan made sure to get a slap in before continuing with the set. Video of the incident can be found below, as well as a tweet where Rich Homie comments on the slap, indicating that he did not rely on backup during the altercation.

Watch it all go down below.


[UPDATE: Richie Homie Quan Claims Fan Was A Thief]

A new report from TMZ claims that the recipient of Quan's right palm was in fact trying to steal a watch off of the performer's wrist, not trying to pull himself onto the stage.

"The person that tried to rob me was not one of my fans," said the rapper. "My fans are loyal to me. I did what anyone else would do if they were being robbed."