Last Friday, Rich Homie Quangot us all started on a countdown to his new mixtape, lengthily titled If You Ever Think I Will Stop Going In, Ask Double R. Arriving at 4:04 Eastern time today, the project now has artwork and a tracklist, which is apparently feature-less. Check the former in the gallery above, and the latter below.

1. Intro (Prod. by Only 1 Scoota)
2. 15 Shots (Prod. by DT Spacely)
3. Ran Off (Prod. by DT Spacely)
4. Throw It Back (Prod. by Izze The Producer)
5. I Get (Prod. by DT Spacely)
6. Flex (Prod. by DJ Spinz & Nitti Beatz)
7. Stupid Me (Prod. by Jescarp)
8. Take My Hand (Prod. by Izze The Producer)
9. Beside Yourself (Prod. by Trauma Tone)
10. Worried Bout Shit (Prod. by Izze The Producer)
11. Rappin' (Prod. by Only 1 Scoota)
12. I Swear (Prod. by Only 1 Scoota)
13. Now I Know (Prod. by Yung Ian)
14. Doing It (Prod. by The Yardeez)
15. Sorry (Prod. by DT Spacely)
16. Eye (Prod. by *****)
17. Forever Millions (Prod. by London On The Track) 
18. I Been (Prod. by Goose)
19. Set It Off (Prod. by Weezy)
20. Daddy (Prod. by K.E. On The Track)