Some rap fans can't help but question any behaviour from male artists that doesn't fit into a very basic view of masculinity. Young Thug, who has never been one to be put in a box, strays pretty far from this archetype -- from wearing vibrant colors, to calling his male friends "lovers". Close-minded onlookers have defined Thug's swag as "gay" or the more coded homophobic term, "sus" (as in "suspect"). By association, Rich Homie Quan has also been the target of ignorance like this, especially after Thug (hilariously) referred to him as "hubbie" in an Instagram post.

In a new interview with Sway, Quan was asked about rumors of Thug's sexuality, which he greeted with a laugh.

“First and foremost I try not to get into all the comments, because it be so many, but at the same time I see them. If I respond back to that, that’s what they want me to do,” said Quan of the chatter about Thugger's sexual preference. “Everyone in Atlanta know me and Young Thug is not gay. With Thug it’s different, it’s just his slang. I don’t take nothing of it or nothing. I know I ain’t gay, everybody know I ain’t gay... I get a joke out of it, ’cause it’s just so funny how people will take anything and run with it.”

Quan went on to detail the collaborative relationship he has with Thug, revealing that the two record somewhere around 15 songs a week together. He mentioned that Birdman was impressed by the amount of output the two could create in such a short period of time. “I really feel he seen that energy in us. The same energy he seen in [The Hot Boys] when they were young,” he said. “I think he just fell in love with the work ethic.”