Remember last month when Rich Homie Quan posted a picture from the Cash Money studios and hinted that Rich Gang was coming back? Well, it seems that whatever reunion he was referring to won't include his former partner, Young Thug. During a recent concert, Quan brought up Thug's name after a male fan had allegedly tried to touch him. 

It's difficult to hear exactly what Quan is saying in the above clip, though you can hear him mention Thug at the 0:08 mark. As Quan said Thug's name while he was calling out a fan for homosexual behavior, many assumed that Quan was dissing Thug and essentially calling him gay. Indeed, it appears that's how Thug read the situation, as, earlier today, he tweeted, "Homie yo lil career almost OV!!!," and then retweeted a fan's response, confirming he was referring to Quan. 

Then, after announcing a future collaboration with Fetty Wap, Thug wrote that he'll give Quan a "pass" for his recent remarks. 

The "pass" hasn't stopped Thug from calling his former collaborator a "peon," and he continues to retweet his fans' Quan-directed insults. 

It should be noted that Quan's DJ, DJ Fresh, has responded to rumors of any beef by explaining that Quan did not mean to diss Thug during the performance; instead, he was pointing out the fan who had tried to inappropriately touch him by saying he looked like Young Thug