Last night ESPN aired the much anticipated 30 for 30 documentary based on the life of professional wrestling legend Ric Flair. "Nature Boy" featured nearly 50 wrestling personalities, family and friends discussing Ric Flair's impact on the wrestling world as well as his life outside of the squared circle.

The doc also included a number of memorable revelations from the Nature Boy himself, including how he used to drink an unbelievable amount of alcohol every day and how he has slept with over 10,000 women.

In speaking about his inability to remain faithful to one partner, Flair was asked to guess how many women he slept with throughout his life. This was his response...

Flair also addressed his history with alcohol abuse, specifically how he drank at least 10 beers and approximately five mixed drinks every day of his life for almost 20 years.

While recalling a sitdown he had with a sports psychologist in the 1980s, Flair says (H/T Fox News),

“(He asked) ‘How much do you drink a day?’ I said, ‘I’ll drink at least 10 beers, and probably five mixed drinks.’ He said, ‘Well, how many days a week do you do that?’ I said, ‘Every day.’ He said, ‘Well, how do you mean every day?’ I said, ‘I work every day. I drink a beer in the car, I get to the hotel and I drink vodka.’ He came out of his chair and (he said), ‘You drink every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and you’ve been doing that for how long?’ I said, ‘Well, let me see. It’s 1989, I started in ’72, you do the math. Almost 20 years.’ He said, ‘That’s not possible.’ I said, ‘Oh yeah, it is.’ By the time I got through with that son of a bitch, he was laying on the couch and I was on the chair talking to him.”

ESPN's "Nature Boy" 30 for 30 briefly touched on Flair's recent hospitalization, which occurred when the documentary was in post-production. The 68-year old wrestling icon required emergency surgery and, at the time, doctors only gave him a 20% chance to live.

Since then, Flair has given up drinking and is fully aware how lucky he is to be alive today. He noted in Nature Boy, “There’s no way I should be alive after some of the stuff I’ve done."