August was a turbulent time for former wrestling icon Ric Flair. He was hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery after it was deemed that he had problems with multiple organs. The 16-time WWE champ seems to be doing fine now, having communicated positive messages with fans since he's been released from hospital following the medical scare. However, during a recent day of filming for an upcoming ESPN 30 For 30 documentary, Flair revealed a statistic that, while having nothing to do with sports, is still just as incomprehensible as the most unbeatable of all professional records.

According to TMZ, the former king of the ring let it slip that he's slept with 10,000 women - give or take. We're not totally sure if this is a Gene Simmons-type situations with Polaroids or other types of unofficial recordkeeping, but Flair is insistent that his conquest total is up around five figures. Nature Boy also supposedly used to refer to his member as "Space Mountain," asking women if they'd like to ride it. There's no word on whether or not the women in question were ultimately disappointed that there was no amusement park ride involved. However, despite the macho stigma associated with the amount of women one has done the deed with, Flair says that he's now embarrassed by his sexual escapades.

"I wish I hadn't said that because of my grandkids," Flair said, later adding that "I only love one now." This is in reference to his current partner Wendy Barlow, whom he has been with for several years. They got engaged last year, which is nothing new for Flair, who has been married four times prior to beginning a relationship with Barlow. Flair is also 68 and, if TMZ's math hold up, could've been having sex with more than 3 women a week back in his heyday. Another sports legend who supposedly had a way with the ladies - basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain - says that he slept with 20,000 women in his lifetime, although at least one former teammate called that theory bogus. Is it possible that Flair got himself into five-figure territory with his lovemaking habits? At this point, we may never know.