While Rhymefest has likely experienced no shortage of memorable challenges, braving the Keeping Up With The Kardashians camera crews likely stands among the most harrowing. A recent episode of KUWTK found Rhymefest faced with the combined forces of KimYe, as the three held palaver in the name of squashing any lingering tension between them. In case you forget, much of the tension first arose over Donda's House, and the way the Chicago-based nonprofit was handled. In any case, Rhymefest found himself exchanging words with a Kardashian-scorned, all in the name of rekindling his friendship.

In the wake of the episode, Rhymefest sat down with Sway Calloway for a lengthy conversation, where the conversation was discussed. At roughly the 9:30 mark, they beginning talking about the healing process, which involved making peace with Kim Kardashian - the more hotheaded of the couple. "Me and Ye grew up together but if me and Kim ain’t right, then it’s difficult for me and Ye to hang out and be right, in our brotherhood," explained Rhymefest. "So I had to have a conversation with his wife about who I was.”

Rich Fury/Getty Images

He also thanks Sway for holding it down, explaining that the entire social media war with Kim was new territory for him. "I'm not into like, being famous," reveals Rhymefest. "I've never had so many people coming at me, all the energy coming at me." He also reflects on Kanye West's experience past betrayals, which led to his concern in the first place. 

“I’ve seen family members steal from him. I’ve seen people try to do things and be like, ‘I’m your friend,’ and then warn you about somebody else 'cause they trying to take they position. He’s extremely sensitive," reveals Rhymefest. But the one thing I can say about Kanye, he’s never tried to hurt anybody. And I can’t say that for everybody.”