Being an OG of the game, it's no wonder that Rhymefest moves with a sense of wisdom. Such is no different on the triumphant return of BET's Rate The Bars. It soon becomes clear where Rhyme is coming from. Upon receiving lyrics from Lil Reese's "Traffic," Rhymefest wastes little time in pointing out an inherent flaw in hip-hop culture. "How long are we going to put money over people?" he says. "I don't want to be that guy, but I'm that guy. This is the problem with how hip-hop is raising children." Though it may sound a little "get off my lawn-esque" on paper, in the video, it comes off a little more jovial. 

Despite a tumultuous history with Mr. West, recently taking a turn for the worst with the widely publicized Donda's House debacle, Rhymefest is all smiles while discussing Yeezy's bars. Upon getting Ye's "Happy Gilmore" referencing "Jesus Walks" bars, Rhymefest is quick to pay respect. "This shit profound," he says. "Nobody got called a bitch. Nothing in here was about money over people. Nothing in here was without backing up the last statement." Suffice it to say, he was impressed. "What happened to good writing?"he laments.

When it came to "New Kanye," however, Rhymefest has another take altogether. Granted, the "Rate The Bars" staff might be a little petty for giving him the infamous "bleached asshole" bit from "Father Stretch My Hands." Still, Rhymefest breaks it down for the masses. "When I first heard this lyric, I said huh, what that mean? There was another rapper name that I'm not gon' name that said 'nah that's that hot shit! Rhymefest is old!" He proceeds to break it down on a psychological level, revealing that moment as the beginning of the end for Kanye West's humanity. Check it out below.