Rexx Life Raj Drops Off New Video For "Not My Friend"

Kevin Goddard
January 12, 2018 03:39

Check out Rexx Life Raj's new video for "Not My Friend."

Back in November, Berkely rapper Rexx Life Raj released the sequel to his Father Figure album, which received a co-sign from Pharrell and featured guest appearances from Russ, G-Eazy, & Iman Europe. Today, Rexx decides to revisit that very project and share a new video in its support for the song “Not My Friend.”

Following up videos for “Where I Belong” and “Level Up,” Raj delivers a vibrant & visually enhanced clip that finds him posting up in an office & lounge-type setting, while chaos unfolds all around him & people pass him by in this creative, David Dutton-directed clip.

Here’s what the director, David Dutton, had to say about the video: “After hearing “Not My Friend” for the first time I noticed its distinct bare beat in the verses and melancholy lyrics and immediately thought of a guy telling his story with a world of people around him moving about their business, ignoring others, and never quite interacting with Raj despite their proximity. I saw an old short film in film school where a room got filled with people on a path and they looped and never collided with each other. I wish I remembered the director’s name, but it was from the ’60s and it was a long Eastern European name. But this project seemed perfect to try it out. Our goal was to have Raj centered and shoot a solid performance, and then have a growing chaos of people looping in and out around him.”

Check out the official video (above) and show your support on iTunes.

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