New York Jets fans remember Rex Ryan as one of the most entertaining coaches and figured in team history. His antics on the sidelines were always hilarious and when it came to his press conferences, he knew how to be entertaining. Ryan has been bringing his analysis to ESPN recently and as you can imagine, his takes are as hot as the sauce on a freshly-baked pizza. Today on ESPN's Get Up!, Ryan was close to venturing into NSFW territory as he made reference to perhaps one of the most egregious sagas in his tenure as Jets head coach. 

During a segment about a football player who had his toenails removed, co-host Sam Ponder expressed her disgust with feet and how the story could sicken those eating breakfast while watching the show. Of course, Ryan had to slide in with a joke, saying “Well, let’s not talk about feet,” all while raising his eyebrow. If you're not in on the joke, Ryan was outed for having a foot fetish a while back and it was a source of ridicule for the former head coach.

As you can imagine, the whole set burst into a parade of laughter, while Ponder almost walked off the set in a fit of giggles. Ryan knew his joke was hilarious and sat there with a smirk on his face as the viewers processed what they just heard.

At least Ryan can still laugh at himself after all of these years.