Right off the bat, YG’s fifth mixtape Just Re’d Up 2 illustrates just what the Californian rapper is all about. Starting bold from the second track with bumping 808’s and underscored by synthesizers, “Im 4Rm Brompton” really sets the tone for the mixtape’s high energy. With countless notable features, such as Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J, Just Re’d Up 2 keeps you closely engaged and your head nodding at all times.

Like in many of his other mixtapes, such as Just Re’d Up (1), YG smoothly transitions from hyphy tacks, filled with a choppy heavy bass and playful lyrics, to more intimate, harmonious songs that tune into his sensitive side. The fluid progression in the mixtape, from high-energy songs to ones with softer, R&B style melodies, occurs seamlessly. For instance, the mixtape’s eighth track “Million” will keep you moving as it enjoys lively 808’s with a strong bass line. Though, quite subtly, the next two songs, “Sprung” and “I Wanna B Down”, slow down the pace; giving the audience some time to wind down and enjoy the likes of smooth beats and even some R&B.

Though, YG is sure to finish Just Re’d Up 2 just the way he started it—with enough energy to keep you running, dancing, drinking or whatever it is you do to tire yourself out. Overall, with a variety of playful beats, stemming from banging 808’s to softer melodies, the mixtape seems to stay true to YG’s previous work. Even as a young rapper, YG shows consistency in his music, and this mixtape does not disappoint. Boasting a rather lengthy, yet dynamic 28 tracks, Just Re’d Up 2 can be played through and through while still leaving you crave more. And it is just this sense of melodic variety and boundless energy that will keep you hooked to YG, time and time again.