With Waka Flocka Flame’s newest album set to come out later this year, the Atlanta rapper has released a mixtape to hold us all over in the meantime. The tape, Re-Up features all-star collabs and on-point production. Since 2012, Flocka has released several mixtapes, starting with DuFlocka Rant 2 with appearances from Lil Wayne, French Montana and Ace Hood followed by a sequel DuFlocka Rant: Halftime Show featuring T.I. He then released a third mixtape “From Roaches to Rollies” in 2013. Re-Up is a final step towards the much -anticipated Flockaveli 2 release for all of the Waka Flocka fans.

The tape opens with the track “Fuck Nigga,” a track with a good steady beat, and a signature Flocka sound. The next song “Cook Jug” featuring Atlanta rapper Young Scooter is a brand new track produced by 808 Mafia. These two rappers have collaborated often and well together, and the song features a nice hook. “Lottery” is another good one, with a nice steady beat and ad libs splattered here and there like a Pollock painting. Flocka’s raps about the danger that comes along with taking risks when he says “playing with your life now that’s a gamble. Naw it ain’t a problem we can’t handle.” 

“Ain’t No Problems” features Atlanta rapper Young Thug, known by XXL as a “rap weirdo” because of his eccentric style. This is a great collab and one of the stronger tracks on “Re-Up,” and it strays a little out of Flocka’s comfort zone which worked in his favor. “How I’m Rockin” is more chilled out and adds a nice change of pace to the tape, produced by up and coming Atlanta beatmaker London on Da Track. “Off the Chain” featuring Chaz Gotti is probably one of the weaker tracks on the mixtape. “Word to the Wise” brings it back with some serious bass and courtesy of Metro Boomin. Flocka says “I don’t do no talkin’, I just make shit happen,” and he definitely delivers on the promise with the punishing track. He kills it again with “Real Nigga Love” featuring Too Short. This song has that West Coast flavor thanks to Too Short and the collab works really well, with verses about popping mollies at a house party. 

“Ghetto Child” featuring Gepetto is nice and synthy and chills the tape out a bit. Gepetto adds his vocals to the track singing about the struggle, saying "First thing's first, keep your enemies close. Cause the ones that stay by your side, they be doing the most." “Work It Like A Pro” wakes it back up again featuring English/Caribbean rapper Giggs, giving the track a slightly different sound but that 'turn down for what?' vibe is still there. The last song on the tape is “Knowledge God,” featuring young Georgia rapper Macon Hamilton. The track sounds slightly old school and serves as a refreshing finale to the project.

Waka Flocka has put together a solid mixtape, with both his collaborators and producers on board. This project is one more step in the direction of Flockaveli 2 and it will definitely quench his fans’ thirst until the official album release.