After a bit of silence in the mainstream rap world, Twista is back at it again with his Don Cannon hosted mixtape, Reloaded. He definitely didn’t disappoint as he dropped a ton of new material to hold us over until his album The Dark Horse hits stores. In total there are 15 tracks on the mixtape, mostly original with some remixes. If you were wondering if Twista had lost any of his lyrical abilities, this tape should be reassuring that he has not lost a step.

Starting off with his rapid fire “Gucci, Louis, Prada”, we are right away reminded why we fell in love with the Chi-Town spitter all those years ago. Such as “Sushi, Benihanas”, Twista ate this track up like it was his supper. 

Not to be outdon, Twista takes a different lyrical approach on his next song “I’m Old School”. He starts off the track in a slow paced rap, announcing he is on some “different shit.” This is evident, as he takes this funky, synthed out beat and throws an old school flow on it. Twista then speeds it up taking the listener into the heavy bridge and chorus.

 As the Reloaded continues, we can definitely see Twista is out to take over. Now a bonafide rap legend, it’s historical to hear him come out hard like this. He sets the bar up high and delivers on tracks like “I Aint Wired Right”, “Bath & Bodyworks”, “She Sluggin”, “Book of Rhymes” and “Girls Around The World”.

On this tape, the legendary emcee hits us with his classic cleverness, and showcases his unique word play. He spits lines like, “With the security code of a G, so you can never tap into the data or the data.” Playing up the different phonetic ways of pronouncing the word.  There’s also, “See you with the eye, right at the apex of a pyramid or the forehead of a cyclops, talkin shit to me, make sure you off the right blocks, still I’ma come through in the Mercedes Benz white top.”

There are plenty of solo tracks on here, but the features cannot be ignored. Juicy J jumps on the chilled out “Yo Bitch Told Me”, up and comer Ab-Soul appears on the lyrically enhanced “3rd Eye”.  Even the one and only Future and his infamous autotune are on “Ain’t Mean To Hurt You”. 

With over two decades in the rap business, we should expect only greatness from this Chicago native. It’s still undecided as to who Twista will sign with. Rumors have been swirling that he will link up G.O.O.D. Music or YMCMB. Although there is no set release date for his forthcoming album, expect this fast-spitting legend to continue to impress for years to come.