Following the earlier release of their debut project Indigoism this year The Underachievers are back with a solid new mixtape, The Lords of Flatbush reasserting their undeniable spot in the Beast Coast movement.

This new mixtape stands in slight opposition to the previous work of The Underachievers, however, that’s something we were told to expect. Previously, the Brooklyn duo Issa Gold and AK had commented that their next work would be experimental, trippy and filled with bangers. This is an accurate description of the mixtape. Indigoism set some high standards for this new project and although it is not quite up to its level, The Underachievers still give a dope offering with The Lords of Flatbush, filled with solid beats great lyricism, and clear messages. The mixtape demonstrates versatility with their sound but consistently maintains the same communication of ideas we heard on Indigoism.

Commenting on the new project, Issa said that “all the lyrical conscious expanding knowledge filled magical triple optic shit will have to wait for the album.” This should by no way deter fans from the mixtape. Issa’s comments make us bear in mind that the mixtape is purposefully experimental and different from their previous project, but this isn’t a bad thing, it’s their right to try out new sounds as they come up.

With this mixtape, we see a further progression from Indigoism. In many of these tracks we see the duo confidently acknowledge the pivotal place that they are taking up in the rap game. ‘Cold Crush’ pays allegiance to the ‘70s hip hop group Cold Crush Brothers, as the track shows the rappers recognising their key role in New York’s new rap identity. The gauntlet that the Underachievers throw into the mix is also seen in ‘Midnight Augusto’ where Issa and AK attack today’s rappers lacking substance and flow. ‘Fake Fans’ is also a great track addressing the fakes who are jumping on the bandwagon of The Underachievers without a real understanding of their beliefs.

Both in terms message and lyrical flow, The Underachievers deliver even though they weren’t necessarily intending to be heavy on it. They continue to convey their commitment to spirituality, psychedelics, and the golden soul. ‘Melody of The Free’ sticks out as an amazing track, along with ‘Still Shining’ demonstrating enlightenment through their disregard of material possessions as the duo literally become our teachers. The rappers really spit some impressive bars in these tracks ‘Lyrical Mozart/My angels playing gold harps/They aiming at your Danes heart/And hope that we will make art’.

Producer Lex Luger has to be given credit from some great beats on this tape. The sounds are consistently solid throughout. Out of the eight tracks, the only one Luger has not produced is the final song “NASA” which Flatbush Zombie’s Erick Arc Eliot works his magic on, and does a damn fine job doing so.

With the great tracks on this mixtape, we can only expect better on a forthcoming album from The Underachievers as we anticipate the ‘magical triple optic shit’.

What did you think of the tape? Listen and download it below.